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Arthroscopy & Joint Replacement Specialist

Indications for Shoulder Arthroscopy

Which are the conditions where shoulder arthroscopy may be necessary?

Arthroscopy of the shoulder is a very valuable tool for treatment of majority of shoulder problems, as well as for diagnosis of some patients with shoulder pain.

In general, shoulder arthroscopy may be necessary in the following conditions:

1. Shoulder instability (recurrent dislocation of shoulder)

2. Impingement syndrome (pain on lifting the arm)

3. Rotator cuff tears

4. Calcific tendonitis tendinitis (calcium deposition in the rotator cuff)

5. SLAP tears

6. Tears of long head of biceps tendon

7. Frozen shoulder (periarthritis)

8. Removal of loose bodies

9. Synovectomy for:

a. Inflammatory conditions like RA

b. Infections (like TB)

c. Synovial chondromatosis

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